About me :).

Hello hello hello :). I'm Victoria, I'm a small girl with a big heart and full of laughs and stupidness. I care so much about others feelings, when I should care about my own. Which is probably why I always get walked all over like I'm nothing, but i always keep my chin up and a smile on. I don't really know where I fit into in this big wide world but I hope I will find out soon..


Things I love :) <3.

"Someone come and save my life."

I’ve finally let you go, and It feels good. It feels good to have myself back, the person who I was proud to be. This doesn’t mean that I hate you or that I have dropped you out of my life completely because I don’t think that it’s possible. I still think you’re a wonderful person regardless of what you have done to me, because I know deep down inside that you’re truly better then that. You’re incredible and I hope one day soon we can be friends again, even though I have no idea why we aren’t now. Keep your head up faget (only they would understand), the best has yet to come. Anyway all I really wanted to say was not goodbye, because goodbye means forever but see you later and that I’ll never forget you.

"That I'll never find the words to say which would completely explain, just how I'm breaking down"

Have you ever had the feeling like your missing apart of your self, not literally but emotionally. It's probably one of the worst things you could feel in your entire life and no matter how many times you experience it, it never gets easier. All it does is get harder then you could ever imagine. It feels as if you are lost with the part that is no longer with you, the part that if you were reunited again would make you whole, would make you happy. I would be a fool to say when you're looking at me I feel nothing. I would be crazy to say I don't miss you more and more every single day we are not together, because that would be the biggest lie I could ever tell. Being away from you breaks me apart everyday, but everyday I seem to grow closer to you. The first time our lips met I knew I was forever yours, not knowing what I had gotten myself into, it just felt so right. The sound of your voice reminds me of when things were alright, when you would sing to me and look at me as if I was the only person you could see, if perfection was real that would be right on the dot. The way your hand fit in mine is something I don't think I could ever explain. Your smile makes me melt inside, I swear it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Even though you are not with me in reality, I know I will forever hold you in my heart, and soon you will be that part that comes back to me and makes me whole again like on those late winter nights.

Late nights, one early morning.

The first night I saw you, I didn't really think much. I didn't think you were going to come by me and change my life around. Change my idea on the person I thought I was. You were nothing but a person, nothing more then yourself all you were was just a boy. I didn't think you would look at me as anything great, I didn't think you were even going to notice me at all. Then as your eyes met mine there was no escape, no escape from the hole I was being sucked into. You sang to me, you held me close, you talked to me like I was someone, someone important. You made me feel more then I ever could, with you I was at the top and it felt like I could not get any higher. I knew that it was to good to be true and it would all end in a matter of seconds, well thats what it felt like. As a few days turned to seconds you walked away and when I saw you look back one last time, I knew you weren't coming back.